Raid Boss and How it works – The Schedule

Do you want to get as many valuable rewards as possible by significantly winning every match? Are you excited about the latest summoned beasts?

Here is the important information which you need to remember when winning the game in the upcoming Raid Boss event – because this will not only be a normal fight between you and Bosses, but also a competitive race between Gunners!

Interspersed with your training, Raid Boss will be hosted twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday (Raid Boss Schedule can be changed depending on the game process and there will be more features to change in the future to be more suitable). The rest of the time will be used for us to train in PVE mode, planning and evaluating strategy for the next Raid Boss.

We will have 24 hours for the Raid Boss. It is a reasonable time for you to execute the plan and challenge your skills.

The Boss location can be any town in the game, this will encourage players to unlock every single town that has been released because you might miss out on the opportunity to fight with Raid Bosses at a map/city that you haven’t discovered yet. Each city is gonna have different warfare with specifical terrain and weather which will affect the strategy and your fighting skills in every round… So that is why getting acquainted with the terrain and weather conditions is required when you do so it will give you the advantages in the face to face the Boss and boost you farther than other Gunners.

Raid Boss is equipped with special skills in order to challenge player’s skills more and enhance the gameplay.

Tips: Use the summoned beast with powerful stats and train frequently with those summoned beasts on the battlefield as much as possible, get used to and understand the power of the summoned beast, as well as adapt to the terrain, weather which is always changing.

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