As we all know, the ultimate goal of the game is to serve the entertainment needs of the players, so the availability and flexibility of a game, which helps it to be played anywhere the player wishes is a necessity. On the other hand, in the current Play To Earn trend, the need to earn here also becomes an essential need right after entertainment needs. At that time, flexibility needs to be a top priority.

With the current way of logging into the game, you need to connect to a wallet to log in the game – This is a seemingly optimal login method, but it has also gradually revealed some weaknesses that hinder the development and reach of the game’s players. 

In addition, when implementing the Guild and Scholarship model, the login by wallet connection method also reveals limitations and difficulties in scaling up and issues related to security. property protection.

The problem for the game development team is how to maximize the flexibility of the game, help players have the most advantages when playing and are able to play the game at any time and anywhere, and time ensure security, and protect player assets at the same.

Therefore, we have improved and changed some points in account registration, login method, and how to recover the account in some cases of forgetting or losing the password to access the game.


1- At the new account registration step, you will need to confirm a connection to the wallet and this wallet will not be changed after connecting

2- To log in to the game, you will need to use your email/username and password to log into the game.

3- In case you forget your login information, you can use the Forgot Password feature and follow the instructions to recover your game account

Full details of these changes can be found here:

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