Gunstar Metaverse’s Storyline: Fantasy Starworld

What happened in the Fantasy Starworld?

Legend says that thousands of years ago, in the fantasy land of Starworld, humans and animals lived in harmony and joined hands to build this peaceful and beautiful world. But over the past thousand years, humankind’s civilization had evolved rapidly and eventually led to the explosive development of technology – no matter how it could harm the balance of natural habitat in Starworld. Unfortunately, a technical disaster happened which caused side effects and massive damage to the atmosphere. Animals were gradually infected and became more stronger and aggressive; they have dominated the whole world and destroyed the inherent civilization, bringing the Fantasy Starworld back to the primitive era.

However, there are remaining beasts that were still able to resist the adverse effects of the disaster. But due to the extermination by the monster army, Fantasy Starworld had suffered massive destruction which led to the partition of continents and the loss of the magical Portal to travel throughout the Fantasy Starworld. Since then, the remaining survivors of humanity have learned how to live and companion with those summoned beasts. make use of their magical power and the available technologies in order to gradually build up strength against that destructive ferocious force. 

And the story begins with the journey of two best friends – Gun and Anna with their pet companion, Lucky the Silly Roaster. Together, they have left their hometown island and jumped on the adventure to explore and tame the summoned beasts, defeat the monster army and find out the way to activate the lost Starworld Portal, in order to recover the human civilization and unite every tribes in the Fantasy Starworld after the separation due to the disaster 1,000 years ago. 

Character Introduction

Our journey begins with 2 main characters: Gun and Anna. They are the remaining survivors after the tragic disaster on the Pearl Island, a small region which is located in the Westamerican Islands of the Fantasy Starworld. 

Gun: A young technology enthusiast living in Pearl City on Pearl Island. He was the descendant of Starworld Royalty who survived the disaster 1,000 years ago (the Sky War). With his natural talent in communicating with summoned beasts, Gun is expected to become the savior of entire humanity and find out the only Starworld Portal which had been lost during the final war of the Human and Monster army.

Anna: The best student at Starworld Royal Technology Academy. Ana was adopted by Gun’s family when she was only a child and abandoned in front of the Academy’s gate. Her origin is still a mystery, but she has grown up with Gun and they are close as family. Anna is also known as the Technology Wizard on the island,  thanks to her special talent in inventing innovative technology and helpful equipment.

Accompanying our main characters in the journey to save the Fantasy Starworld is Lucky, a silly and lazy rooster which has grown up with Gun since his childhood. Nobody yet discover when and where he came from, except the Starworld Royalty and the Elder Council. They had tried to hide the secret behind Lucky’s origin for many years and it has been still a myth so far.

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