Gunstar Metaverse World – Chapter 2: Westamerican Islands

A great journey always goes along with a good start. In order to have a successful Fantasy Starworld liberation journey, we need to know very well about our starting point – the Westamerican Islands.

Westamerican Islands are the archipelago in southwest of Fantasy Starworld, including Pearl Island, Archipelago Island, and several other smaller islands, all of which are under Royal Family control. Quite a prosperous and peaceful place, humans and summoned beasts live in harmony with each other.

This is a continent that holds an important strategic position during the journey of liberating Fantasy Starworld. Therefore, it requires us to understand this continent very well, as a springboard in the next steps on the journey.

Some important points are known as follows:

1. The starting point of the journey:

The Westamerican Islands are the birthplace and upbringing of Gun, the place where he and his friends Anna and Lucky begin their challenging journey to reopen Starworld, as well as their desire to find and assemble the complete set of Summoner Battle suits from the fragments scattered throughout the devastated world, to bring Starworld back to its glory days.

Gun and Anna are the 2 characters that we will transform into and carry out the sacred mission – Unleash Fantasy Starworld.

The Pearl Village located on Pearl Island is the place where we begin our journey towards the central land of Gunstarican to find the cause of the tragedy 1,000 years ago and save human civilization from the invasion of beasts.

2. Absolute Safe House:

This continent will be a place for us to return at any time, in order to keep the summoned beasts safe, restore strength, and equip more weapons to support combat,… laterly when we have reached other continents, this will be more obvious and then we will learn more about this role.

3.A place for training fighting skills and subjugating summoned beasts

The gunner will go through the process of fighting with battles of increasing difficulty.To form combat skills for each gunner and through fighting to find the right summoned beast for each individual. Every single gunner will have the strongest combat skill system, it will be suitable and maximized when accompanied by one or a few certain summoned beasts. Our job is to find out which monster is suitable from among many monsters.

The summoned beasts appear on this archipelago, including:

Gomissing Normal

These are important things about Westamerican Islands that we need to master. Please wait for information to learn more about the Fantasy Starworld in the next chapters.

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