Gunstar Metaverse Partnership Announcement With X8 Guild

Welcome X8 Guild as Gunstar Metaverse’s next strategic partnership. Learn about partner X8 Guild – DAO-based P2E gaming guild.

What is X8 Guild?

X8 Guild is DAO-based Play-to-Earn gaming guild that brings players, investors and NFT Games together to maximize benefits for all three parties via blockchain-based economies.

As the community-centric gaming guild, X8 Guild provides scholarship and educational opportunities, community, and software platform to enable everyone connect, enjoy games, earn and build the Metaverse while maximize benefits. X8 Guild is here with you on the great journey to Metaverse.

The Business model of X8 Guild

  • Develop the new Guild feature boosting DAO competitiveness and maximum benefits for DAO members
  • Invest in NFT assets and projects that will bring strategic value to X8 Guild
  • Build a contribution environment which members could compete fairly in order to own their rewards
  • Create a stable revenue by selling or leasing NFT of X8 Guild


X8 Guild helps Metaverse citizens enjoy games and earn for the better with freedom, trust & growth


Become the biggest gaming guild with 1M members in 2024 and x10 in 2026

The cooperation between Gunstar Metaverse and X8 Guild will be the next important milestone for both sides, it will bring a lot of value to users, investors and the community in the future.
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About Gunstar Metaverse

Gunstar Metaverse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT Game that gives you the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform.

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