Events dedicated to the Brasil and Thailand communities

As mentioned earlier, to celebrate the launch of two of Gunstar Metaverse’s most powerful communities: the Brasil community and the Thailand community, we will have an event exclusively for members from both countries. this community.

These are two vibrant and self-supporting communities that guide each other and perfect their gaming skills. Through this event, we hope to see how impressive your training results really are.

Event details are as follows:

Content: Let’s support each other to guide each other, exchange experiences and apply all your skills and mastery with your pets to pass the most missions.


+ 04 NFT Pet Normal for 04 new accounts created during the event and pass all missions in City 1 fastest (each community chooses 02 accounts)

+ 04 NFT Pet Normal for 04 new accounts created during the event and use pet free Rosaging to pass the first 8 missions in Pearl Island in the shortest time. (each community chooses 02 accounts)

+ 02 NFT Pet Normal for 02 Gunstar Metaverse review videos with the highest number of views (each community chooses 01 video)

+ 01 NFT Pet Normal for the twitter post* with the most likes

+ Top 30 most active members on telegram in 2 communities (each community chooses 15 people): 250 $GST/person

Time: 14:00 UTC, March 11, 2022 to 14:00 UTC, March 31, 2022

How to participate: To register to participate in the event, please complete the instructions in the following form:

(*) The link entered by the player in the registration form

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