Challenge to Master the Power of Woruffing

Once a famous sage used to say “Life will be nothing without challenges” – Always renew the challenges, balance the complicated to provoke the excitement and satisfaction of all players and continue improving skills to conquer more and more difficult challenges. What an exciting challenge for us and all of you!

This March will be a special month for our community with promising special events with many difficulties for the player to complete like Curse Land – City 4, Boss Raid release,… there will be more interesting events for the players to explore and besides it is special achievements and rewards for your hard work to complete all the tasks above.

To prepare the release of City 4, the beginning of the journey to rescue the cursed land, also helping players to understand more about the powerful summoned beast but not been maximum exploited to release all its power – Woruffing.

Let’s it start, the first race in this March: Woruffing Challenge

I – Details

Target: One challenge will help players know more about Woruffing and find out how to maximise its power.

Timeline: 09:30 UTC, March 01st – 09:30 UTC March 10, 2022

Rules: Players will use Woruffing and compete to find out who will surpass many stages with Woruffing by his/her side most.


  • All participants’ accounts need to be at Level 1
  • No limit in the number of Woruffing per account
  • Players are required to complete at least all the missions in City 1
  • Replaying maps that have been cleared by using Woruffing before will not count towards individual achievements


a- Rewards for top 50: will be able to trial PvP mode in quarter 2

b- Rewards for top 200

Top 1: 03 NFT Eggs – $600 valued. Price 01 $GST/Eggs

Top 2 -5: each player will receive 01 NFT Egg valued at $200. Price 01 $GST/Eggs

Top 6 – 20: each player will receive 1000 $GST

Top 21 – 50: each player will receive 500 $GST

Top 51 – 200: each player will receive 200 $GST

c- Rewards for all participating accounts: have a right to join FCFS to buy eggs. Buy with $GST

* Time for snapshot $GST Price: TBA

* Time for Sale: March 17. Specific time: TBA
* $GST will be sent within 7 working days after result announcement

II – How to join in

To be official take part in this event, players need to prepare for themself an Level 1 account with Woruffings and registered in this form:

We hope all of you will master your Woruffings and clear all our missions!

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