Series of events “COMPANY OF MASTERS”

Our upcoming events are events with clear skill differentiation, in addition to the basic skill of aiming and shooting, the decision to choose to use support items and when to use them is an important factor to gain an advantage in each battle on the battlefield.

In order to encourage players to perfect their item skills, we will jointly organize a series of events called “Company of Masters” with a total prize pool of 6950 $GST for each mini event, and unlimited number of events.

The series of events will consist of mini events, each of which lasts for 03 days and 01 day for distributing reward, to continuously find one of the following titles:

1. Master of Destruction: Use Symbol of Death and Shovel items the most and fastest

2. Master of Support: Use Teleport and Goddess’s Drink items the most and fastest

3. Master of Damage: Use Immunity and Villanous Alixir items the most and fastest

The event starts at 00:00 UTC+0, players will have 3 days to compete together to win the title of that event. At the end of the 3rd day, the results will be announced on and the rewards will automatically go to the winner’s wallet within 1 day after the end of the event.

There is no limit to the number of times a player can receive a prize.

Reward for each small event in 03 days are as follows:

Top 1: 1200 $GST

Top 2: 800 $GST

Top 3: 500 $GST

Top 4-10: 350 $GST/account

Top 11-20: 200 $GST/account

* 00:00 UTC, March 25, 2022 will take place the first event: Master of Destruction

Let’s equip yourself with a lot of skills to use items and receive attractive encouragement gifts from this “COMPANY OF MASTERS” event series!

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