Raid Boss – Question & Answer to be on top of Leaderboard

So we have been together through the first phase of the Raid Boss on 27/04. Here is the important information for those who participate in the upcoming Raid Boss.

1. If you need to know more about Raid Boss?

The special event is held every week in Gunstar Metaverse. The players can get amazing rewards, Pet fragments through defeating bosses.

For more information, please refer to the following article:

2. What is Pet Fragment? And how to get them?

Pet Fragments are soul fragments that are absorbed after defeating the BOSS in StarWorld. These segments are divided into ranks corresponding to Normal, Rare or Elite.

To be able to own Pet Fragment, players need to participate in Raid Boss event

  • Rank in the Raid Boss Leaderboard
  • Ranked by Raid Boss Milestone

Pet Fragment has been used

3. How many Pet Fragments to combine into one complete pet?

After participating in the Raid Boss event. Players can receive reward boxes to open for Pet Fragments. When collecting all the fragments can combine into one pet.

Details will be updated at project’s whitepaper:

4. How to improve your achievements in Raid Boss?

In each and every war, Having the appropriate skills, technique & strategies will help you get the best achievements. And beside the above factors, we will also need these following tips to improve your personal achievements in the Raid Boss mode: 

  • Need 3 Pet NFTs with highest damage. The higher the Pet’s level, the higher the damage they have
  • Pets will die immediately when they touch the Boss’s protection ring. 
  • The Bosses will choose the different prior targets to attack. SNIFFING BOSS will attack the Pets with lowest health stat.  
  • Use your Support Items effectively to protect the important Pets or to increase the highest damage in a turn
  • Don’t forget the position of your  Pet before entering in the fight turn to optimize the appropriate movement
  • Choose the support items after killing the BOSS to optimize your team’s power. Pay attention in choosing the available support items after each turn. 
  • BOSS is a huge target which will be easily shooted, therefore remember to choose the super high angle to maximize the damage. 

5. How to optimize your Raid Passes: 

  • Complete the daily missions to accumulate the necessary amount of $RUNE to get into the top of the leaderboard. 
  • Use all your Raid Passes in the event (The players will be rewarded 2 free Raid Passes in each event and this will not be accumulated) 
  • Buy the 3 Raid Passes combo to optimize the used $RUNE amount and get more support items.

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