If real-life sports are heating up day by day with the Fifa World Cup 2022, in the Gamefi, we are also excited with the Guilds War Tournament that will officially kick off at 14:00 UTC on Dec 05,2022

To join that atmosphere, let’s support our favorite teams by participating in the event to predict the final result of the tournament and receive attractive prizes from the tournament. .

Details are as follows:

🎁 Rewards: First prize – $50 for the one with the earliest and correct result. And 5 prizes for the next 5 people with $10 for each

📕 Rules: Comment on this post on Twitter with the following content

Twitter post:

1- Predict the 2 teams participating in the final

2- Predict the score and the winning team

3- Tag 3 friends

4- Hashtag: #Gunstar #Metaverse #esports #GuildsWarTournament

5- Wallet address to receive rewards

📆 We will receive comments predicting until the final match. But hurry up to be the first to answer correctly and soon!

About Gunstar Metaverse

Gunstar Metaverse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT Game that gives you the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform.

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