Gunstar Metaverse World – Chapter 7: Rarity Class of Summoned Beasts in Fantasy Starworld

In the series introducing the main continents appearing in the game, we learned together about the history of the formation, the current context of the continent.Along with that, we also briefly review the summoned beasts that appear on the continents.

This article will be an overall picture to help us condense information again, and only focus on the summoned beasts that accompany us throughout the journey to conquer the entire game – the journey to Save Fantasy Starworld.

Overall, we will have 3 methods to classify the summoned beasts

1- According to the continent summoned beasts appear

2- According to the rarity of summoned beasts appearing

3- TBA

Today we focus on the classification criteria based on the rarity of summoned beasts.

Regarding the rarity hierarchy, we currently have 6 increasing rarity levels as follows: Normal, Rare, Elite, Legendary, Mythic, Ascended.

  1. Normal : This is the lowest rarity level, which means gunners will often encounter summoned beasts of this rarity. Allotted in this rare household will be the summoned beasts with the lowest strength, in return, the largest force.
  2. Rare: Higher than Normal is Rare, which will be summoned beasts whose strength and form levels or a certain skill are superior to those of Normal rarity.
  3. Elite: The summoned beasts of this rarity have a characteristic that the power begins to have a concentrated nature in favor of a certain aspect. For example, physique, speed, endurance, …
  4. Mythics: These summoned beasts, begin to bring in some of the powers and skills found in divine beasts.
  5. Legendary: The summoned beast of this rare level has attack power. They are true beasts in the wild.
  6. Ascended: This is the highest level of rarity. The characteristics of this level’s summoned beasts are that their powers and skills are at the level of divine beasts.

In addition, there will be a very special criterion. We will dedicate a separate article to talk more about this criterion. This criterion will greatly change the battlefield situation if you apply it properly. Look forward to them in the next chapters of Gunstar Metaverse World series!

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