Gunstar Metaverse World – Chapter 5 :South East Arena

We have travelled to three of five major lands in Fantasy Starworld which our players will have to conquer in their upcoming journey. From now on, the other two destinations are concealing a lot of challenging missions for our future gunners, especially South East Arena – The homeland of legendary summoned beasts.

This place has been ruled by summoned beasts with outstanding strength, a completely different level from other summoned beasts we have met in the last three continents. These summoned beasts share in ruling the continent’s territory and skies.

To conquer these beasts, The gunners’ summoned beasts must be carefully trained and thoughtfully upgraded to be able to confront them. Few people can challenge them alone, but most  will need a team that works well together to subdue their superior power. It is also an issue that gunners also need to pay attention to building team fighting skills.

It is hardship, difficult, dangerous, but the reward for the gunner when conquering these summoned beasts is extremely worthy. It will be a new step in inner strength, and the limits of power-ups are beyond our expectations.

The “rough diamonds” waiting for us to “sharpen” on this continent include:

Eaguning Legendary
Dinosing Mythic
Tigrowling Mythic

In addition, to fight these powerful summoned beasts, our gunners will encounter another overly powerful opponent – the Mita clan. Talking more about the Mita family, which has respectable military strength, they hold many unique weapon-making technologies. They are currently governing the Military Territory in the center of the island. When the Royal Family has weakened, the Mita family has grown stronger day by day and always wants to replace the Royal Family that rules Fantasy Starworld.

The above is a brief description of the continent of South East Arena, which has also hinted at the challenges and rewards for the winners. At the same time, it also raised the importance of forming team fighting skills. Hopefully, our gunners will build for our team the best effective tactics.

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