Gunstar Metaverse World – Chapter 4: Eastasian

The third destination of Fantasy Starworld which we want to introduce in  this chapter will be Eastasian – a wonderful land that used to be the pride of humanity, but then was significantly destroyed due to the devastated disaster 1,000 years ago. 


The Northeastern continent of Fantasy Starworld used to be a wealthy and fruitful land, where humans and the summoned beasts used to live in peace together. Thanks to the ideal climate and fertile soil here, Eastasian was well-known for their developed Agriculture industry, which helped them become the leading food provider for the population of Fantasy Starworld.  And then the doomsday had come; a tragic disaster happened which caused the mass destruction and lack of food provision in Eastasian. Friendly summoned beasts became aggressive and attacked the human to scramble for food. Eventually, Eastasian people have to hide and live in the secluded highland in order to avoid the attack of ferocious beasts.

Explore the Eastasian continent and you will meet these following summoned beast species:


There are still many unexplored lands and summoned beasts that players can discover themselves when they jump on the upcoming journey to save Fantasy Starworld. Don’t forget to follow our social media to update the latest chapters of Gunstar Metaverse World series.

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