Gunstar Metaverse’s next Genesis Eggs Offering event will be held in cooperation with GuildFi

As part of the partnership between Gunstar Metaverse and GuildFi, our next Genesis Eggs Offering (GEO) event will be officially organized by both sides. This remarkable GEO event is part of Gunstar Metaverse’s Early-bird NFT Genesis series of events to give the community a chance to be the first to own Pet NFTs and prepare for the journey to save Fantasy Starworld!

Here’s some info on the Gunstar Metaverse Genesis Eggs Offering Event:

  • Each Genesis Egg will include 2 random Pet NFTs.
  • There will be 6 types of Pet NFTs that players can randomly receive when opening their Genesis Egg. Each type of Pet NFT will have its own unique rarity and base stats, skill sets and unique passives. These NFT Pets are tradable on the NFT Marketplace or you can use them to play in the upcoming Gunstar Metaverse official game.
  • Each NFT Pet will have a certain rate for the user to successfully open eggs based on their rarity. The higher the NFT Pet’s rarity level,  the lower the chance to obtain it.

Detailed timeline and instructions for Gunstar Metaverse’s upcoming Genesis Eggs Offering event will be announced soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow up the latest news on our social media!

See more information about the Early-bird NFT Genesis event:

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