Guilds War Tournament Table

❤️‍ Fast & Furious!! The Guilds War Tournament is happy to welcome the contestant to the super tournament on December 5th!

🥵The heat of the Guilds War Tournament is at its peak! The teams are pumped and

Ready ! 

⏱️ Official opening time for all matches : 14:00 UTC , December 05, 2022

Location: Livestream at Discord of Gunstar Metaverse. (Team to enter their match room on Discord to Livestream)

For the match to start on time, the teams should enter the stream 15 minutes before the kick-off to warm up and stabilize. The participants should be aware that if they arrive  minute late, they will lose the match, and if you are more than 10 minutes late, they will lose two matches, and will be disqualified from the final round according to the B03 rule.

👏Gunstar Metaverse would like to announce the table of the strongest teams participating in this tournament:

TCVN 🆚Play It Foward DAO
Project Prodigy🆚The Lighthouse
Ninja Gaming Guild🆚S6k Labs
K300 Ventures🆚Metanomy 
Ace Gamers Esports🆚My Meta Farm 
Shadow Legacy Guild🆚Mad Monkey Guild 
Cibola Labs🆚Underground Esports

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