Guilds War Tournament – Quarterfinals on December 7

✅Top 8 best teams in Guilds War Tournament 2022 continue to compete in the Quarterfinals, and what will be the final names that will appear at the upcoming Semifinals and Finals? Don’t forget to follow the latest happenings on Gunstar Metaverse’s channels now!

Timeline: 13:00 UTC Dec 07, 2022

1. SenGuild 🆚 TCVN

2. The Lighthouse 🆚 S6k Labs

Timeline: 14:00 UTC Dec 07, 2022

3. K300 Ventures 🆚 My Meta Farm

4. Shadow Legacy Guild 🆚 Cibola Labs 

✅Promising that the quarterfinals will take place in a few minutes and it will be a sublime competition with the excellence of keeping your cool. Never let you down among the Top 8 players, which team do you think will have the most impressive performance in the Quarterfinals, and which one do you expect the most from the Top 8?

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