Don’t let members wait any longer! Gunstar Metaverse Announces New Updates For PvP Lobby

Let’s take a look at the exciting features and game modes that will be available in the update expected on October 18, 2022.

Let’s go!!

1. PvP Lobby: PvP game mode ( player vs player ). When the rider is level 10, players can start enjoying this game mode. For gamers to unleash their creativity, PvP currently has three types of lobby, 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3, so you can create a team with friends. Players will divide into two teams and start the top matches. The match will not have a time limit, and each team will be able to use the item as usual. Gunner, Join the Arena with your friends and create an unforgettable experience.

2. The next megacity of the West American Islands continent will be revealed. City 6 will welcome players with a mighty army of monsters with the appearance of 1 new Boss and 2 Mini-Bosses with a powerful mysterious interior that needs our Gunners to uncover. Who will be the best player to get through City 6 first?? Besides that, our updated Avatar will surprise you!

3. Chatbox: To facilitate communication between players. Gunstar Metaverse launches the Chatbox feature that helps everyone see system messages and helps players interact with each other easily.

4. Emoji Chat in PvP: In PVP Lobby, we create emojis to help players easily express their personalities, such as dropping hearts, napping when winning, or crying when losing.

5. Event manager: As our desire to bring more exciting experiences to players, Gunstar Metaverse launches an Event manager with UI changes to help players easily access game events than ever before time out. To use this feature, players can pay a monthly fee. For players who buy a monthly card with GSC, when logging in every day, besides the runes they will receive more items, such as summoned beast pieces … For players who use it for free, They only receive runes when they log in.

Players who purchase the premium package can receive the reward value at 13875 GSC just only costs 2000 GSC in which

  • Game Items
  • Check-in box (randomly item, GSC, Rune)
  • Pet Fragment chests (Normal-Rare-Elite)
  • 1 free turn to play Fortune Wheel every day

More new and entertaining things are about to appear in our game. Please look forward to these new things!!!

In addition

Creating a comfortable experience, Gunstar Metaverse has changed the way linking the wallet when logging in from “Required” to “Optional” as soon as creating the account, players can immediately experience the game without connecting the wallet. Only when a Blockchain transaction occurs such as NFT pet or withdraws GSC, … then you need to connect to your wallet.

The Notice Board feature supports the announcement of privileged information from Gunstar Metaverse so that Gamers can update quickly and not miss any important news. Even if players experience the Mobile version, the Notice Board feature also supports Gamer to receive all information from Gunstar Metaverse including Raid Boss, PVP Lobby, and Social media.


  • Players can unleash their personality through unique character names by using special characters.
  • Search easier with pet filters by their level on Dapp Marketplace

More fun than ever! Gunners are ready to join the battle with Gunstar Metaverse!!!

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