Community Beta Test Campaign – Criteria for evaluating results

As you all know, we have 2000 gift sets. To assess who will win what kind of gifts, we built an assessment scale system based on your contributions during participating in this campaign.

The scoring system with detail:

  • Experience all 15/15 maps within 5 days since the point of time of each respective event. If you pass, you will get 15 points. If you do not experience 15 maps within 5 days, you will receive 5 points.
  • Have feedback about the game experience such as bug reports or suggestions to improve the players’ experience. All the Feedback content needs to ensure the following criteria: Do not copy others, do not duplicates. Each feedback is scored fivefold the number of points to evaluate the value of feedback is inspected by the project team. Score scale from 1 to 10. For example: Feedback is scored 2 points, you will receive 2 x 5 = 10 points respectively
  • Experienced videos will be posted on social networking platforms such as Twitter, facebook, tiktok, youtube. Points will be added according to the number of likes/views/shares/retweets of the video clip within 5 days from the date the video clip was posted. After 5 days, the score for that video clip will be closed.

The score will be noticed in the following list:

  • 05 likes = 1 point
  • 05 shares = 1 point
  • 05 views = 1 point
  • 05 retweets = 1 point

The list will be taken based on the points and sorted from high to low.


  • Top 10 of the list will receive an NFT Egg for each player which is priced 01 $GST for each NFT Egg.
  • The next 290 people on the list, will each receive a guaranteed whitelist to buy NFT Eggs for each player.
  • The next 1700 people on the list, will each receive a whitelist spot to participate in the FCFS round of buying NFT Eggs for each one of them.
  • The above NFT Egg purchases are applied during the sale of NFT Eggs on the Marketplace of Gunstar Metaverse.

Specific details:

  • Total NFT Eggs: 1000
  • Price: TBA
  • Location: Gunstar Metaverse Marketplace – January 2022
  • Opening time: TBA

Important notes:

* The number of clips for one person is unlimited.

* All signs of cheating on the number of likes/shares/views/retweets of that video clip will be unqualified immediately

* All participated clips will be used to serve the project without any dispute. And authors of those clips accepted at the time they posted them on the event page.

* In all cases, the final decision belongs to the project.

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