Community Beta Test Campaign – Phase 1 RECAP

Our Community Beta Test Campaign was successfully launched on December 28,2021 with 3 main batches of testing participants, and each batch lasting 5 days. In this way, the participants can experience the in-game balance update between the new players and the old ones, in order to deeply understand the game balancing mechanism in our upcoming mainnet version.

Every time a new batch is started, we will summarise the data so that the community can take a look at the current overall picture and analyse the situation around that useful information.


First, we come together with the list of the most active members in the first 5 days of phase 1 and their achievements.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the top list of the most active members and their achievements in the first 5 days of batch 1.

Full list: here

According to the data table, we can easily see a lot of things in common with these players.

Most of them have passed 15/15 PVE missions and experienced all the levels of the game. This is very necessary because then you would better understand how you would have to fight with strong monsters in each map, how the terrain would be, so that you can choose the right maps and pets for yourselves to maximise the win rate.

Another impressive parameter is the number of tickets used. In the beta version for first-batch participants, we would need 2 tickets for each PVE mission, so that means these top players played 25-50 turns in 5 days, equivalent to 5-10 matches and 30-60 minutes of playing game per day on average. This data both shows the activeness of the players, on the one hand, the game also fully cares about the health of the players when providing the appropriate number of playable matches per day to stay healthy. and have time for other activities in life. Another balance is brought by Gunstar Metaverse.

Race to achieve the exclusive rewards for Community Beta Testing participants

Along with the leaderboard race, don’t forget that we also have another race between all participants to achieve the attractive rewards from our team.

As we all know, our evaluation criteria are based on a scale system formed on the basis of the number of experience maps, the number of feedback and the number of likes/shares/… of the clips sharing the experience. your games.

Up to now, the project has received more than 135 feedbacks from the participants in the first batch of our community beta testing campaign. All of these suggestions have been considered and prioritised by the team. And some features have been upgraded by our team in order to apply for the second batch of our beta testing campaign.

Some other members chose sharing experience clips. You can follow and support your clips attached in the below post here:

Congratulations to everyone for your valuable feedback, you are currently the ones with the top scores.

Our race is only half way through. The amount of feedback and clips is unlimited for anyone. Let’s choose for ourselves the most suitable ways in order to participate in our community beta test campaign and achieve valuable gifts from Gunstar Metaverse. The participants who are currently on the top of the list, don’t be subjective with your positions, other  members are moving very fast, too!

New maps released with more challenges

Batch 2 kicks off with a few changes and new experiences for all players.

Most notably, you can notice that the difficulty of the 5 added maps has increased significantly, it has a very clear player classification. To overcome these maps is no longer as simple as before, and it requires players to calculate the strategy to upgrade the pet more carefully, choose a more suitable pet, and the skills need to be more advanced.

And this is another highlight that Gunstar Metaverse would love to deliver to our community: there are still simple maps which are suitable for the majority of players, who are just new players and need time to get used to the game; At the same time, there are maps which are used to classify the class of players, requiring more skills and building a more reasonable upgrade plan.

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